Torrevieja U3A Presidentís Cascade, Jult 2017

July Cascade 2017

Hello everyone I hope you are enjoying your summer, it is very hot here and I think the most of the UK are having a good summer too.

I need to ask for your help next month if you are in Spain as we are having a table at the "1st Olympis Race Torrevieja" which from the information I have received is like the "muddy run" in the UK. We are hoping to raise awareness of our association and should be good fun, but NO I am not entering although my daughter in law has done it twice in the UK and she hates mud!

The gentleman with the jams and pickles should be at the coffee morning at the end of the month however he will not be there in August so you will have to stock up if you can!

Now for the pieces from our groups co-ordinator and social secretary. I hope to see as many of you as possible at the CMO on 31st July.

The end of June coffee morning threw up a couple of things for me to consider and resolve as groups coordinator but in the main it's been a quiet last month, with efforts being focused on the up coming September fair.

Check out the July update on the website for upcoming groups, for group leaders required and for any other news and information.

Check out the Torrevieja U3A website under the heading "more pages" you may just find a new "humour" section. Something I hope that will make you all smile.

Don't forget to also keep an eye on the website as this does change constantly throughout each week. New events are added, new features and information. It's all on there and it's FREE to view.

This month I am offering a unique Opportunity for a member/s to become the group leader of "The new strollers" group.
The strollers with Peter and Frances is continuing but -
The strollers group has become so popular and the numbers are constantly rising, making administration and strolling and cafe bar control difficult.
So with the help of Peter and Frances, I would like to trial a new group.
Peter and Frances have lots of strolls already to go, so all the help and assistance is available.
Plan your own.
Plan your day
Plan your stroll
Plan your coffee stops
All the help and advise you need along with a full members list
Give me a call 619 060 208 or drop me an email:-

The walking group is also up for new leadership don't forget.
At the start of 2018 we will require a new group leader.
The Group NEEDS you !!!
email me:-

Don't forget the groups fair
Monday September 25th
CMO building

Social Report:

Can I please encourage you to read the social activities in our website. If you are interested in any event or outing please register your interest with me at

Enjoy the summer holidays

Phyllis Seddon

Xmas Market to Berlin

Due to unforeseen circumstances the above trip will not go ahead this year.

However it is possible for next year subject to the availability of flights.

The trip would be for 4 nights (as at the moment flights to Berlin arrive late in the evening) This would give us 3 days in the city, 29th Nov to 3rd Dec 2018 approx.

The Price at the moment would be 435 euros, single room 520 euros. This includes 4 nights 3 star city centre hotel bed/breakfast basis. Private coach transfer to and from the airport to the hotel. The city sightseeing bus service has offered a group pass at 15 euros (this would be an extra cost) which can be used at anytime and includes an English commentary. This could take place on the first morning and then everyone would be free to to do as the wished.

When we return in September if anyone is still interested please email myself on with their name, email address and a telephone no, also single persons who may wish to share to reduce the cost. Hopefully the flights could be booked early so a deposit would be required of approx. 150 euros to cover the price of the flight. With booking early possibly stage payments could be made during the course of the year to ease payments.

Also a note from the Group Leader of the Strollers

We closed the list on 28th February, I have now reduced it to active members between 1st January 2016 and 28th February 2017. We are standing at 172 members. Because of the transient way of life here in Spain up until we closed the members we could just about cope. We want to keep this core of members, some might naturally go over to the Easy Walkers anyway.

The problem is the 75 new people who came along since 1st March, not on my list and not receiving any directions from me, that has been the several straws that broke the camels back. If someone wants to start a "New Strollers" for these people we are happy for them to use our directions if they want to, and as long as they do it on different days.

I have to inform our members now that it is remaining closed, family on holidays are always welcome, but we can unfortunately not have any other "guests or visitors" as the numbers are too many for us to handle.