Torrevieja U3A President’s Cascade, March 2018

March Cascade 2018

Hello Everyone,

I was going to start by saying how nice it is to see some sun and warmer temperatures however today it's cloudy, cold and not particularly nice!

Welcome to those new members who are receiving this cascade for the first time. It is a monthly delight for you (or not as the case may be!) I try to include things that have happened within U3A over the last month and things coming up, however do still keep an eye on the website as all the information is there.

How are all you ¨crafty people¨ getting on with making things for our craft stall in September? I am in the process of crocheting a teddy bear, which will hopefully turn out OK. There will be a box at the general meetings for items donated to the charity, The San Jose Obero Children’s home and presently they require things like school backpacks, Robes to be at home (dressing gowns??) for boys and girls sizes XS S M & L. Boys underwear S M L & XL, socks, toilet bags, shampoo and gel and long sleeved girls shirts S M L. I appreciate some of these are more expensive however the socks, underwear, and toilet bags etc can be bought quite cheaply so why not pop a pack into your trolley when shopping? I am also sure pens, pencils, crayons and colouring books etc. will all be gratefully received. If you would like more information on this childrens home contact me and I will send you what I have.

We have two new co-opted committee members whose details came through too late for the AGM. They are Sue Kenyon, who has kindly agreed to return to the committee this time as speakers secretary and Loraine Taylor who is to become our Social Secretary so welcome to them both.

When attending group meetings especially if held in someone’s home it might be a good idea to ask if they have an allergy as many people these days suffer allergies to cats and dogs and even perfume which can make them quite ill.

Five members of your committee attended a presentation to donate the last two years charity money to AFA, the Alzheimer’s Association, which is being put towards adding a wheelchair lift to their mini bus. The total donated was made up of 1,989.31€ for 2016 and 2,011.50€ in 2017 making a grand total of 4000.81€. It is a good feeling to help people who are not so healthy as us through no fault of their own. Lets try to beat the yearly total this year for the children.

Moving onto press releases why not send a photo of your group with a bit about what you do as a group to our Press Officer, Barry Weston at

I know it is a long way off still, thank goodness, however we have set the date for our Christmas meeting as December 17th so please bear this in mind when booking flights for this time of year.

There is a new project at Ciudad del Mar school where they need English speaking volunteers. The reason is that the Spanish government from the Comunidad Valenciana, is shortening the English lesson hours to introduce more hours for the valenciano Dialect (not used outside Comunidad Valenciana), this situation puts the children lower than other nationalities that have a very good English base. They would like, from this project, is to welcome volunteers, and get them integrated in our English hours, to interact and talk with the children, giving them a very good base and self confidence in English language.

If you can help please contact Sandra Pelka on or on her personal number 636 161 717.

Hopefully I will see a lot of you at the next general meeting on Monday 26th March when our speaker will be Carmen Maria Morate a councilor for Torrevieja, and is the voluntary member for the protection animals her talk should be interesting and informative. Don´t forget to bring your drinks and nibbles, unfortunately there is still no word on the catering at the CMO.

Now over to Peter Shaw, our group’s coordinator and Pam Armatage, our welfare secretary.


Have you ever had an inclination to try drawing or painting? Our art group which meets in SanMiguel on Mondays welcomes beginners. Help and advice is offered as and when you need it. Realize your potential !
Please contact Alex our group leader for more information

We have a new flower arrangement activity looking to start in San Miguel, Wednesday afternoon.
Interested in the art of taking care of and arranging and displaying flowers? Contact for initial information and I will send your details to our new group leader.

What about line dancing. Not much more information on this one just yet but if it's your thing contact me with your interest and I will contact you when I have more information.
I already have a few member interest, I just need more and then I will pursue a group leader. UNLESS there is one out there already showing an interest.
Do you already belong to a line dance studio and want to join another. Do you know of a group leader to take this activity forward.
Contact me with your ideas please.
Anyone interested in playing pool. I have found a table and venue.
If you fancy playing social pool (not serious) let me know.
I would like to say a big thank you to Tony Dean for all his time and support with being the group leader of the discussion group. Tony has retired BUT the group will continue with the support of its members.
The group meets on the first Thursday of each month in La Zenia hotel at 10.30am
See you there.

The Thursday games activity has finish in El Raso due to lack of support and member involvement. It's alway a shame when this happens but we all have many things going on and the day, time and venue doesn't alway suit. I am hopeful that the group will continue in some form, possibly at a different venue, day, time etc;

Watch the website for more information in a couple of weeks.

Welfare Update

This is to remind all our members that there is help here in Spain.

Not always easy to find however C.A.R.E (communication and resource exchange) are able to help in many ways. You can always contact them direct or if unsure who to contact please do not hesitate in contacting myself (my email address and telephone no is on the website)

There is a Grant available from the Spanish Government to help to adapt your home, i.e. doors, bathroom, main access and ramps. This information and documentation has been provided by Beatriz Lara, Social Worker Casaverde Home.( I have a copy of the necessary documents required).

If you are in hospital it is important that before you are discharged that any help required through the Spanish Health System must be arranged before you leave.

Pam Armatage