Torrevieja U3A President’s Cascade, May 2018

May Cascade 2018

Hello Everyone,

To start on a good note I can advise you all that the Strollers Group under the leadership of Peter and Francis Stead have donated a total of 356.59 euros in food to Alimentos Solidarios and the knitting group have donated a 100 euro to the Children’s home charity fund. Well done to all the members of those groups and others who donate their surplus funds to charity.

As I mentioned at the last meeting I would like to ask you all to only speak to the press in general terms. If they press (sorry about the pun) for any details just refer them to your Group Leader. We have a situation where a member spoke to a reporter and what he published was incorrect which could lead to the group and a few other groups from losing the premises where they meet. So please only general things like how much you enjoy the group etc.

When you leave a group meeting or the monthly general meeting at the CMO can you please take all your rubbish away with you. After the last meeting it was left to committee members to clear away disposable coffee cups and powder that had been spilt on the floor. The people responsible had just left them on the floor for others to find when putting the chairs away. Help with that is always welcome as well, as the committee members arrive early to set them all out for you so the least you can do is put the chair you have sat on back around the spare tables dotted around the room and to pick up your own rubbish! These were not left on the floor when we had china cups so why now?

The coming meeting on 28th May is our last one before the summer coffee mornings. The speaker is Norah Bond from The Stroke Association. We are holding the coffee mornings at Rocky´s Bar on the N332 at Playa Flamenca (it seemed silly to say come to the coffee morning but do bring your own coffee! Unfortunately they will not allow the Pickle man to sell his jams etc. so stock up this month. We will be returning to the CMO for the groups Fair on September 24th when we will also be having our craft stall. I can still accept donations over the summer for both the craft stall and the children’s home.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the ladies who offered to lend me a hat for my trip to the British Consul´s garden party in Madrid however we have to return to the UK for a family funeral and therefore we are unable to go. It is a shame to miss it but I am a firm believer that family always come first.

As Loraine will no doubt tell you later on the meeting on Monday 28th will be your last chance to buy you tickets for the summer party. Why not come along? Good food, good entertainment by Rebecca Holt, the singer, all make for a good evening and only 12 euros for members can´t be bad. See Loraine at the meeting, as although I am organising the event I cannot sell the tickets at the meeting as I am busy with other things.

Now over to Peter and Loraine for their pieces.
Photography - As I have been unable to attract a group leader from within, I have had a conversation with David Stokes, a keen photographer who runs a group in Los Montesinos each month and he has offered for any of our members to join their group FOC.
I have also had a conversation with one of our members that has intimated she may start a group herself but not until September, so I am hopefully she will have a table at the groups fair

Pool - I have a venue - Dominos bar, Rocajuna.
Let's see how good (or bad) you are. It's just for fun. Drop me an email for more details.
I have several members on the list just waiting for a suitable time to commence

Line dancing - it's looking good but again not until September. I am working on a venue with the group leader. More details hopefully to follow.

Food and cooking - this should soon be an active group and the website has group leader information. We already have interested members but it may now unfortunately have to wait until September.

We have a new bridge group leader - Glenda Odell has agreed to become the group leader of the advanced Thursday morning bridge group.

Ten pin bowling - new group leader - Lynne Ailsby has agreed to take over from Martin Rickman.
(Thanks Martin for all your organising and support), this means that a well supported activity will continue and it's good to see that one of its existing members is taking over as group leader.

While I am waiting for a firm start date, I have a Canasta group starting (hopefully) with a group leader in Cabo Roig.

The military history group has a field expedition planned by its leader Felipe on Friday 25th May into Alicante. The visit is to the commemoration of the 80th year following the aerial bombings during the Civil War in Alicante. Any (members, friends, family) are welcome.

All other groups I hope are continuing, maybe let me know if you know any different.

Forthcoming events, don't forget to book !

  1. Summer Party to be held at Vista Bella Golf,Orihuela Costa. Friday June 8th 2018. 7.30 for 8pm

  2. Afternoon Tea at The Vestry Algorfa Thursday June 21st 2018. Time T.B.A.

  3. Reef Band & buffet at La Florentilles. Saturday October 13th 2018. `7.00 for 7.30pm for meal. Limited to 84.

  4. Date T.B.A but it will be between 27 June & 5 July.
    Shopping at Murcia followed by Spa Day inc. lunch at Archena.
    The pick up point for everybody will be C.M.O Torrevieja.
    Cost 49 euros.

Bye for now, see you on the 28th.