Torrevieja U3A President’s Cascade, June 2018

June Cascade 2018

Hello Everyone,

This month, unfortunately I have to start on a very sad note by informing you of the deaths of Brian Bourdon and Diane Royce. Our condolences go to both of their families and friends, we are all thinking of you.

As I announced at the last meeting the committee has decided it is too much to have two craft stalls this year, therefore it has been decided to have just the one which will be at the November general meeting just in time to get some handmade gifts for Christmas.

Also announced at the last meeting was the fact that the Strollers have donated a total of 356.59€ so far in food items for Alimentos Solidarios and the Knitting Group have donated 100€ for the children’s charity. Well done to all the members of both those groups. The fund for the children´s charity is going very well with a total of 1061.61€ this is from the donations for the books of 242.07€, the raffle 440.90€, the change buckets 114.18€ and other donations 264.46€. Thank you to all those who have given so generously to raise this amount.

The Summer Party at Vista Bella was a sell out and a very enjoyable evening as I think those who attended will agree so a date for next year´s diary June 7th 2019. The entertainment is to be confirmed. (In other words I cannot get hold of him). Tickets will be on sale in March so remember to book early as places are limited.

Jean Law, the group leader, of the Wednesday Lunch Bunch has asked me to mention again that if you are not receiving the monthly lunch meeting details from her please contact her on as she has lost about half of her list!

Don´t forget that the monthly general meetings become coffee morning over the summer and we are meeting at Rocky´s Bar, Playa Flamenca (near the Sunrise restaurant) on the N332 for these. Hopefully the catering will be back for the groups fair on 24th September BUT ¨This is Spain¨. Once I know more I will let you know however at Rocky´s we are unable to collect the food for Alimentos Solidarios and there will be no collection of bottle tops as these go to a school for disabled children, which of course is closed for the summer. Also there will be no jams or pickles, but I will have my bucket for loose change and can take donations for both the children´s home and the craft stall.

Now over to Peter Shaw, our Groups Co-ordinator:-


Here we are in June already. The temperatures have changed for the better and we can start to relax and enjoy our summer months with even more freedom than usual as most of our activities take a break. ENJOY........

Let's not forgot what lies ahead. The next group event as usual this time of year is the groups fair. September 24th at 11am. Please all come along and take time to look around and speak to the group leaders that have chosen to showcase their activity. It doesn't matter whether you live in Spain or not, as long as you are a Torrevieja u3a member you can join as many activity groups as you wish.
There will be group activity tables downstairs and upstairs waiting for you to speak with them.

Finally , I have a message for those of you who follow the Military History group activities or anyone else interested.

Please note that on 25 August 2018, some groups and council members will commemorate the 80thAnniversary of the worst bombing Torrevieja suffered during the Civil War. I (Felipe) am trying to get the details in case any of you may be here in Torrevieja during this time. This promises to be a significant event. If any of you happen to get information about the planning or schedule of events, please pass it on to me for distribution to the group.

(The report from our last field trip to Alicante is on the group web page)

See you all soon,


And now Loraine Taylor our Social Secretary


Unfortunately the MSC Cruise 27 March / 3 April 2019. I cannot get sufficient cabins to offer it to our members.

However, I have obtained first refusal on cabins on a Baltic Capitals Cruise. No details as yet.

The evening with the Campoverde Reef Band has also had to be cancelled due to problems at the venue. Anyone who has paid for tickets will be fully reimbursed at the Groups Fair in September. Please look out for the desk with the ´Reef Band´ notice.

I will be offering an evening trip to Lorca. Friday 19 April 2019 (Good Friday Parade. Semana Santa)

Arabian Tea Rooms (evening trip ). Mid March 2019 and although it may not be warm enough that time of year the seating inside is something to behold. The trip includes transport, a pot of tea, the choice is endless, and a tray of Arabian sweet biscuits. Any further drinks have t be paid for at the time. They do not do food but are happy if you want to bring some nibble or even a full packed lunch. I did this trip last week and am very willing to go back.

For the far future.. I have reserved twenty seats for Studio 32 next production. The WIZ Friday 30 November 2019. at the theatre in San Fulgencio.

Xmas 2018

Hotel : Marina Playa Servigroup Mojacar.

Full Board.

Depart Sunday 23 December 2018.Check in 14.00.

Return Friday 28 December 2018. Check out after lunch.

Full Board.

Single Room 330 euros To be confirmed.

Double Room 420 euros To be confirmed.

Self Drive Approx 2 hrs 45 mins.

Coach transfers would need a minimum of 32 people and cost 30 euro per person.


We are planning a coach trip to the Medieval/Craft Market in Concentaina on Thursday 1st November.

The town is just north of Alcoy about an hour and a half drive from Torrevieja, situated between the Serra de Mariola National Park and the Serpis River.

The market has been held annually since 1346 and now boasts around 700 stalls. Once there you are free to wander at your leisure and you have the choice of taking your own food or eating at one of the food stalls, bars or restaurants.

Rosa Tours do the trip for 13€ per person and pick up at several places and the trip will take about 2hours depending on the number of pick ups. I have provisionally booked 30 seats as a group but we may not all be on the same coach although we will have booked under the U3A.

There is also the option, which is preferably really, and that is to hire a coach from them for 370€.

For this we would need between 40 and 55 people to go. The cost would be 10€ each if 40 people wish to go the difference going in a tip to the driver.

The more we get the cheaper it will be. I can't give a firm price until we know how many are interested in going. We would all be picked up at the CMO, which would reduce the journey time and we can choose our own pick up and return times.

We need to tell Rosa Tours if we want a coach of our own or give them numbers, picking up points and payment by the beginning of October.

For the moment I need to know what interest there is in the trip so we can decide our best option.

If you wish to go you can email me at to give me names or you can book at the Coffee Mornings at Rockys over the summer and pay 13€ on the understanding that you will get a refund if we have our own coach.

We will be taking final payments at the Group Fair, Monday 24th September.

Also a couple of words from John Summers our Data Protection Officer.

U3A (Torrevieja). DATA PROTECTION.

You may well be aware that due to changes in European legislation, the General Data Protection Regulation or the GDPR, has come into force. This new legislation basically requires all organizations, who hold DATA, to protect that data but more importantly to obtain true 'consent' from the owner, for this information to be kept, (legislation makes reference to the consent as an 'Opt in' rather than an assumed consent).The Torrevieja U3A comes under this legislation and in our case, we hold data which refers to Names, addresses, contact details and interests, plus photographs.

To comply with this legislation, the Torrevieja U3A Data Protection Officer is currently in the process of sending out e-mails to all existing Torrevieja U3A members asking for their 'consent', (OPT IN), for the organization to continue to hold data and therefore continue to send cascades and so on. The e-mail outlines the options of giving consent or withdrawing consent and it requests that members return the e-mail to the Data Protection Officer via, . (New members will sign a new membership application, which indicates they 'Consent' to their data being kept).

The U3A has produced a 'DATA PROTECTION POLICY and a PRIVACY POLICY, which help to outline the above, these are on the Torrevieja U3A website alongside other T & C's and other Policies.

If there are any issues please contact the Data Protection Officer, (John Summers),

U3A (Torrevieja). First Aid Advice, A Common Sense Approach.

This is a Common Sense reminder for those taking part in either strenuous or sedate activities connected with the Torrevieja U3A, that participation in any such event is at the members own risk.

Members considering taking part in any event must have a common sense view of each activities requirements and measure it against their own skills, abilities, medication needs, health status, weather conditions and so on. Remember that you make your own assessment on whether you can engage in an activity, it is not the 'Group Leader', (Group leaders are not trained to make an assessment on you).

Common sense tells you that at anytime in an emergency you may need a valid Spanish Health card (SIP) or your valid UK issued European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) and it would be helpful if you also carried a note of any insurance you do have, (remember it is the members responsibility to consider whether they require any form of insurance and to arrange it).

An ICE, (In Case of Emergency), contact number in your mobile phone is common sense, so that people coming to your assistance can contact someone who may be aware of your health issues etc. These details can also be written down and kept in your purse / wallet for situations when your phone is locked, it has a flat battery or you choose not to carry a phone. (It is worthwhile having a few ICE numbers, ICE 1, ICE 2 etc should the first one not be available).

If you might need medication, it would be common sense to have it with you or have a note written down somewhere of the Medication and dosage you do take, this is so that emergency services could have an indication of what you may already have in your system.

Remember this is your personal information, keep it safe but common sense suggests it may help in an emergency.